Career Services

Nursing, MA & PTA Job Information

We’re the bridge to your new career — our Career Services staff is here for you today…and for the rest of your professional life

What’s the point of earning a degree without putting it to use out there? Our Career Services staff has a singular goal — to help our graduates find the jobs they’ve been training for. We provide information about the job market. We have alumni, resources, and information about dozens of local healthcare providers. We’ll show you how to write an effective résumé and cover letter. We’ll coach you through mock interviews, and give you insight into questions and topics you’re likely to encounter.

While we can’t guarantee placement, our helpful Career Services team will do everything we can to get you where you want to be.

It doesn’t end when you walk out our door

Smiling nurses

At Eagle Gate College, we believe in our students for the long haul. That’s why our career services don’t end when you get your first job. We continue to offer career services assistance for your entire professional career.

Part of that commitment is our Continuing Learning program. To keep your skills up to date, our graduates can take courses in their program of study for just a $50 fee per course. If you’d like to check into course availability and other details give us a call at (801) 333-7133.