About Eagle Gate College

Where our job is student success

Our Vision

The Eagle Gate College Group is known for giving power to students and associates by teaching cutting-edge, competency-based education, and leadership and personal effectiveness skills to have the career and life they desire.

Our Mission

We are caring professionals who empower individuals to achieve personal excellence through student-centered, market-driven education. This mission is further defined by:

Nursing graduates are trained in:

  • Deliver quality, career-related education, which produces competent graduates who are qualified for entry-level positions in their chosen professions.
  • Develop professionalism and confidence through career-related education.
  • Provide a quality environment that includes ethical and moral conduct codes.

Statement of Values

Excellence: The state, quality, or condition of excelling; of the highest or finest quality; exceptionally good of its kind.

  • We value and consider the needs of our students, associates, employers and shareholders in our decisions.
  • We challenge current reality and continually pursue new ways to improve our ability to empower students and associates to achieve personal excellence.

Open & Honest Communication: The frank, truthful and sincere exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, signals, writing, or behavior

  • We exchange ideas candidly, seek to understand others’ viewpoints, and have the courage to speak the truth ourselves.
  • We address concerns and issues with the right people and do not talk behind others’ backs.
  • We are open, honest, and prepared to give and receive feedback.

Teamwork: Collaboration among associates to produce a product or service for the quality of which team members have joint responsibility.

  • We commit to build and reinforce teamwork between all departments.
  • We commit to be at work, share ideas, and take action to create and achieve “SMART” goals.
  • We commit to help team members become successful.

Trust: Firm reliance on the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing

  • We are personally dependable, reliable, and worthy of trust.
  • We build trust by demonstrating respect for each other, for our students, and the Vision and Mission of EGCG.
  • We build trust in our relationships by practicing our values and being honest in all we do.

Pursue a Rewarding Career at Eagle Gate College

As a rapidly growing and highly successful company, Unitek Learning, the parent company of Eagle Gate College, is also a great place to pursue a rewarding and challenging career.  We offer a competitive salary, generous benefits, unlimited growth potential, and a collegiate work environment.  See all open jobs on our Careers Page

Our Job is Student Success!