MA & Nursing School Requirements

The path to your new healthcare career starts by speaking with one of our student-centered admissions representatives

We don’t believe in making our students jump through hoops. We know you want to change your life, so our admissions process is easy and straightforward. It’s basically just two steps:

  1. Interview with an admissions representative: This starts the process; we call it a Career Planning Session. We talk with you one-on-one to learn your interests and goals. From there, we can help you decide the program direction that is right for you. You can make your appointment by calling (801) 333-7133.
  2. Fill out  your admissions forms: This is the paperwork stuff. There’s not a ton here, so it’s easy to complete and submit. As soon as we receive what we need we process your admission immediately.

Admissions Requirements

Admissions requirements for Eagle Gate College include the following:
  • Possess a high school diploma or recognized equivalency (i.e. GED). Proof of graduation must be received before the start of class.
  • Meet the requirements as outlined in the Distance Education section of the catalog. This is necessary for our online courses.
  • Please see the School Catalog for a complete list of requirements.

Additional Requirements

The following programs have additional requirements for consideration for admission:
Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program
  • Applicants to the BSN program must achieve a total TEAS exam score of 47 percent or higher to be admitted to the BSN program.  Applicants who meet this minimum TEAS score and enroll into the program are also required to take an eight-week SmartPrep online course to be taken during the first half of Semester 1.  This SmartPrep course is designed to strengthen skills in Reading, Math, Science and English and can better prepare the student for progression into Semester 2 of the program.  Please note that for those students scoring 58.7 or above on the TEAS exam, the SmartPrep online course is optional but recommended.
  • Students who are required to take the SmartPrep online course must pass the course prior to progressing to Semester 2 of the program.  If a student does not pass the SmartPrep course on the first attempt, one (1) retake attempt is allowed during the second eight (8) weeks of Semester 1.  If a student does not pass the SmartPrep course on the second attempt, the student cannot progress to Semester 2 and will be dropped from the BSN program.
  • Applicants to the BSN program who do not score 47 percent or higher on the TEAS exam must take the SmartPrep course prior to attempting the TEAS exam again.  Applicants may attempt the TEAS exam a maximum of three (3) times within a calendar year.
  • For specific details on the SmartPrep online course (e.g., course subjects, minimum passing score, etc.), please speak with your Assistant Dean.