Medical Assistant Program Length

Why Eagle Gate College Students Benefit from the MA Program

Medical Assistant Program Length

Medical Assisting is a popular choice at Eagle Gate College. It is often seen as a career that is both stable and rewarding. Not only do Medical Assistants perform a variety of clinical tasks, but they also complete administrative tasks, promote good health habits, and act as a source of safety and comfort for their patients. Due to the high level of patient interaction, Medical Assistants have the ability to impact a patient’s overall experience.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of formal training and the profession itself…

Benefits of the Medical Assisting Profession

1. Numerous Work Environments—Medical Assistants work in a number of healthcare facilities. For example, some Medical Assistants work in physicians’ offices, hospitals, hospital clinics, and laboratories. Among other places, they also work for health industry providers and private healthcare facilities.

2. A Fairly Quick Timeframe—It’s important to consider Medical Assistant program lengths while you search for the right school. For instance, most Medical Assistant training programs can be completed in a year or less. The MA program at Eagle Gate College can be completed in as little as 10 months, though!

3. Specialized Areas of Interest—If you’re curious about medical specialties, there are various types for Medical Assistants. These include but are not limited to ophthalmic Medical Assistants (ophthalmology deals with the eye), podiatric Medical Assistants (podiatry has to do with feet), OB-GYN Medical Assistants (OB-GYN revolves around women’s health), and chiropractic Medical Assistants (chiropractic focuses on mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system).

4. An Active, Fulfilling Profession—Medical Assisting is often seen as a rewarding profession. Not only do they help others, but they are also exposed to various medical specialties and can gain valuable experience. Due to the high level of patient interaction and the mixture of administrative/clinical duties, there probably aren’t that many dull moments in the Medical Assisting profession.

5. Opportunities to Connect—Medical Assistants assist physicians, interact with numerous patients, and work with other members of the healthcare team. If you enjoy working in a team atmosphere, Medical Assisting could be a great career choice for you.

6. Job Security—There is usually a certain degree of job security in the field of Medical Assisting. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of Medical Assistants is projected to grow 29 percent by 2026, a rate that is quicker than the average of most occupations.1 As the baby-boomer population ages and the demand for healthcare grows, the need for a greater Medical Assisting staff will also likely intensify.

A Quick Overview of Eagle Gate College

The Eagle Gate College Group is known for giving power to students and associates by teaching cutting-edge, skills-based education, and leadership and personal effectiveness skills to have the career and life they desire. They are caring professionals who empower individuals to achieve personal excellence through student-centered, market-driven education.

If you’d like to change your career but do not want to spend years in school, you might want to consider the Medical Assistant program at Eagle Gate College. For more information, please contact a friendly school representative at (801) 333-7133!