A Title IV Credit Balance occurs when the College applies Federal Student Aid to a student’s account that exceeds the amount of direct educational costs for tuition, fees, books, and/or other authorized charges.

    A Post-Withdrawal Disbursement is a disbursement of Title IV aid that was awarded, but not received, prior to a student’s withdrawal. A post-withdrawal disbursement will be applied to current institutional charges. It may also be applied to other current year non-institutional charges (such as supplies or fees).


    I understand that my account may or may not have a Title IV credit balance. If my account accrues a Title IV credit balance, I request that this credit balance be handled in the following manner.

  • I understand that I have the option to change any decisions regarding my credit balance as long as it exists on my account. I understand that I may refuse to authorize any item. Signing this form is optional and is not required for admission or enrollment to the College.