Nurse taking a man's heartrate

How to Become a Cardiac Nurse

Learn how to specialize as a Cardiac Nurse, including the education and certifications required The CDC reports that about 20 million adults have coronary artery disease, which is the most common form of heart disease. The department also shares that heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United […]

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16 Different Types of Hospital Nursing Jobs

The Most Popular Nursing Specializations and What it Takes to Succeed Hospital nursing jobs are one of the most common positions available in hospitals. In fact, as of May 2019, the BLS reports that nurses made up about 30% of all employees working in a hospital. That makes nursing a critical backbone in hospital care […]

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What Do Nurses Do?

10 of the Most Common Treatments and Procedures Registered Nurses Perform In Their Daily Work Nurse Joni Metler probably didn’t expect to help perform a blood transfusion to save a newborn’s life. But that’s precisely what she did. This Prisma Health Oconee Memorial Hospital nurse helped perform a procedure she hadn’t done before—a neonatal blood […]

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How to Choose the Best Nursing School

The 9 Most Important Questions to Ask When Searching for a Nursing School Are you considering a rewarding healthcare career in the high-demand field of nursing? If so, you have some exciting choices to make. One of the first will be deciding how to choose the best nursing school. There’s no doubt you have many […]

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Donating a kidney? It’s not as scary as it sounds.

Unitek CEO’s niece shares her story of becoming a donor Kate Reynolds’ close family friend Ben Schattmaier was in his first year of middle school when his family learned he had a chronic kidney disease. At a time when most kids are worried about fitting in with their peers and picking what sports to play, […]

5 Reasons Why Men Should Consider a Career in Medical Assisting

Learn Why Male Medical Assistants Are Needed to Help Diversify Today’s Healthcare Workforce In the past, men were not often considered for certain healthcare positions because of gender-based stereotypes. Women were perceived as being a natural fit for nursing, and men were better suited as doctors. But those assumptions began to change after World War […]