Why Nurses Make The Best Doctors

Wondering if you settled for a nursing degree? You shouldn’t! There are tons of valid reasons to pursue a nursing degree rather than a medical degree—less tuition and time in school, more hands-on training, and starting your career quicker are just a few of the benefits of pursuing a career in nursing. While you might sit there and think “I’m a nurse, not a doctor”, we’re here to tell you that nurses often make the best doctors—and here’s why!

Practice Treating Patients

Nurses have the unique ability to work with patients on a one-on-one basis. As a nurse, you are the first friendly face a patient sees when they enter a clinic or hospital. You take their vitals, record any illnesses and injuries, and (even more impressively) get the patient to open up!

Doctor’s on the other hand don’t always have this personal relationship with their patients. Typically, doctors walk into the room, pick up the chart and begin diagnosing, sometimes without even exchanging words with the patient. It has been said that doctors treat illnesses while nurses treat patients.

Hands-On Experience

Most nursing students have the opportunity to work on the floor with patients before deciding to pursue an R.N. or M.D. This isn’t always the case for doctors, who typically spend so much of their adult life studying that they don’t get a lot of hands-on experiences before their internship prior to working in the field.

Plenty of Healthcare Opportunities

Few nurses actually pursue a career as an M.D. Many nurses that do want to rise up the ranks of the healthcare profession choose to pursue a graduate nursing degree instead. Specializing your skills opens up the doors for new and exciting opportunities and an increased salary*, in some cases even a higher pay than some doctors (1).

Nurses who do choose to pursue a career as a doctor are often better at communicating with their nursing staff, having had been a nurse themselves at one point. Without having ever walked in the shoes of a nurses, some doctors don’t appreciate all the hard work nurses do and their importance in the patient’s treatment.

When choosing between pursuing a degree as an R.N. or a M.D., there are a lot of things to consider—cost of tuition, amount of schooling, and potential career paths. While nurses’ and doctors’ career paths often overlap, there are some differences that may sway your likeness one way or the other. An important thing to keep in mind however is that you don’t need to have an M.D. to make a good make a positive impact on a patient, or to have an impactful career as a healthcare professional.

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