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How to Become a Medical Claims Examiner

Responsibilities, Schooling, Requirements, and Salary

Various alternative healthcare career opportunities are available for those who have earned their Medical Assistant diploma. The organizations that offer these careers place great importance on the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired during your education. One alternative job to consider is a Medical Claims Examiner. For MAs looking for a career outside of the traditional medical setting, a job as a Medical Claims Examiner can be a tremendously rewarding option. Not only will it enable you to build on your medical background, but becoming a Medical Claims Examiner can also provide a long-term source of stable income.

Continue reading this career guide for an in-depth look at the skills involved in being a Medical Claims Examiner, along with the educational requirements and salary* for this important position.

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Medical Claims Examiner Definition

What is a Medical Claims Examiner?

Medical Claims Examiners work with medical insurance customers to review insurance claims, determine adherence to standard guidelines, ensure the timeliness of claims processing, and make sure that the integrity of the information is accurate and kept private.

Medical Claims Examiner: Job Description

What Does a Medical Claims Examiner Do?

Most Medical Claims Examiners work on behalf of insurance companies to determine whether a customer’s policy covers their medical claims. When reviewing claims, a Medical Claims Examiner follows strict, standardized guidelines while entering claim information and validating that information’s integrity. Based on their findings, Medical Claims Examiners must decide whether claims are accepted or denied promptly so that insured patients, doctors, and hospitals, can receive claim reimbursements.

Medical Claims Examiner Duties

Some of the day-to-day responsibilities of Medical Claims Examiners include the following:

  • Entering the data for insurance claims
  • Ensuring information integrity
  • Following strict guidelines
  • Approving or denying claims payments
  • Facilitating additional investigation as needed
  • Assisting claims adjusters
  • Ensuring legal compliance

Where Do Medical Claims Examiners Work?

Medical Claims Examiners work in office environments and are most often employed by health insurance companies or life insurance companies, while others also work in the administrative offices of hospitals.

Medical Claims Examiner Schooling & Certification

How Long Does It Take to Become a Medical Claims Examiner?

What Degree Do You Need to Be a Medical Claims Examiner?

If you’re a Medical Assistant interested in taking your career in a different direction, you are already well-aligned to make the switch to becoming a Medical Claims Examiner. While some employers may require only a high school diploma or its equivalent, many prefer candidates with certificates or degrees related to the medical field.

Insurance companies and hospitals require Medical Claim Examiners to follow strict guidelines, and they’ll provide training for the candidates they hire. The knowledge you’ve gained during your education as a Medical Assistant and your thorough understanding of the larger medical field will be highly valued by employers when applying for the position.

Why is Medical Claims Examiner a Great Alternative Career Path for Medical Assistants?

When insurance companies hire Medical Claims Examiners, many candidates have insurance or medical backgrounds. Prospective employers will highly value the knowledge of medical terminology you’ve gained as an MA and your overall familiarization with the medical field. Candidates should also be detail-oriented people who possess strong administrative skills.

Medical Assistants making the jump to Medical Claims Examiners will take satisfaction in knowing they’re still working for the patients’ benefit. Insurance examiners play an essential role in helping people get back to good health while protecting their financial interests with fair and honest insurance coverage.

Medical Claims Examiner Salary

How Much Do Medical Claims Examiners Make?

Although the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) does not report specific salary* data for Medical Claims Examiners, they report the salary* data for claims adjusters. The BLS reports the average annual salary* for claims adjusters is about $71,000, with an hourly wage of about $34 per hour. Those who rise to earn in the 90th percentile of claims adjusters can earn an annual salary* of about $101,000 per year.

Highest Paying Industries for Medical Claims Examiners

According to the BLS, these industries are where you’re most likely to find the top-paying jobs for claims adjusters:

Industry Average Hourly Pay Average Salary
Natural gas distribution $52.50 $109,200
Rail transportation $45.84 $95,350
Other support services $41.42 $86,160
Federal executive branch $39.41 $81,970
Electric power generation $37.57 $78,150

Highest Paying States for Medical Claims Examiners

According to the BLS, claims adjusters earn the highest average wages in the following states:

State Average Hourly Pay Average Salary
Connecticut $42.16 $87,680
New Jersey $41.71 $86,760
District of Columbia $39.97 $83,130
New York $38.35 $79,760
Maryland $38.13 $79,310

Highest Paying Cities for Medical Claims Examiners

According to the BLS, claims adjusters earn the highest annual wages in the following cities:

City Average Hourly Pay Average Salary
Kennewick, WA $50.17 $104,350
Bridgeport, CT $45.77 $95,200
Salinas, CA $43.65 $90,800
Hartford, CT $42.94 $89,320
New York, NY $42.23 $87,850
Santa Cruz, CA $41.88 $87,110
San Francisco, CA $41.78 $86,900
Charleston, SC $41.12 $85,530
New Haven, CT $40.11 $83,420
Yakima, WA $39.84 $82,880

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Start Your Career by Earning Your Medical Assistant Diploma

If you’re looking for a rewarding career in a healthcare-related field, are a stickler for detail, and have excellent administrative skills, becoming a Medical Claims Examiner could be a great career path for you.

If you’re ready to take the next step towards becoming a Medical Claims Examiner, you can start by earning your Medical Assistant diploma in as little as nine months at Eagle Gate College.

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